Rotate your phone

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make your
body move

Dance is:

The expression of the soul

My goal is to use dance to inspire and connect others. Dance is the expression of the soul in movement. It is the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. I’ve been dancing for over ten years and it is one of the most important parts of my life.


The Soulo New York Dance Project

Online Dance
In 2020, I founded Soulo New York. Based in NYC, Soulo invites dancers from around the world to connect with and learn from a selection of hand-curated artists who have made impactful contributions in their respective dance forms.

Share knowledge about culture and history.
A large part of our mission is to give homage to the cultural and historical roots of Hip-Hop. To do so, we provide a live-stream service of knowledge straight to your fingertips. 

Create a community.
Soulo provides the opportunity for you to become a part of a global community, and connect with dancers all over the world.

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